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제목 CI 4.1.2 Released
글쓴이 테러보이 작성시각 2021/05/18 16:12:29
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드디어 ci4에서도 쿠키 라이브러리를 정상적으로 사용할 수 있군요!


- A lot of clean up in Config, including splitting out some classes like the new "Cookie"

- Revamped testing tools using "magic traits", making it much easier to optimize tests

- "Entity" has moved to its own namespace, with a new set of support classes

- Most error messages and displays have been improved to help track down those pesky bugs

- Core overrides are here! Use your Config\Services file to inject your own core classes



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빛그림 / 2021/06/08 11:31:02 / 추천 0
4.1.3이 나왔네요 ^^